The Application of Never Giving Up on the New Health STIKes Students in Doloksanggul in the Preparation of KTI


  • Riris Sridevi Sihite sihite STIKes Kesehatan Baru Doloksanggul
  • Helmina Pakpahan STIKes Kesehatan Baru Doloksanggul
  • Rupina Purba STIKes Kesehatan Baru Doloksanggul
  • Pardomuan Manullang Sekolah Tinggi Agama Kristen Protestan Negeri Tarutung


Unyielding, character


The application of never giving up on students of the New Health STIKes Doloksanggul in the preparation of KTI has been able to carry out the preparation of kti. However, some students still have difficulties in working on kti. This article discusses the application of Never give up on new health STIKes students in doloksanggul in preparing kti. It starts with seeing how unyielding the attitude is, as well as the honest attitude in the preparation of KT. It is hoped that this education can form students who have a persistent and unyielding character. With the values contained in a persistent and unyielding character, the achievements that have been achieved so far are also influenced by the way students make their kti correctly.